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Personal Trainer Studio

Welcome to our fully equipped PT area, designed to help you deliver the ultimate workout experience for your clients. With access to a wide range of high-quality equipment, you can create personalised training sessions and small group circuits that cater to every fitness goal.

Equipments available in the PT area include:

- Cable machine: Versatile equipment for a wide variety of strength training exercises.
- Bench and bar: Ideal for traditional strength training and weightlifting routines.
- Sledge: Perfect for functional strength and conditioning workouts.
- Air bike: Provides a challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels.
- Plyometric boxes: Great for explosive and dynamic lower body exercises.
- Battle ropes: Excellent for full-body conditioning and endurance training.
- Selection of free weights: Dumbbells and kettlebells for customizable resistance training.
- Weighted Bags: Versatile equipment for functional strength and stability training.

Our PT area is fully equipped to help you take your clients' fitness to the next level. Whether you're focusing on strength, endurance, flexibility, or overall wellness, our facility provides the tools you need to achieve remarkable results.

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